Okay, so I discovered this brand at the perfect time (hence the title of this post); running low on face wash and wanting to try something new.  What I didn’t realise, was how well this unknown brand would work, i.e. visible results after the first use!  Anyway, I’m showing my excitement for this product too soon.  Let me start from the beginning.

Suitable for all skin types, the CHRISTAL skincare range consists of 4 steps (cleansing milk, face wash, toner & moisturiser) with additional face scrub.  Founded by facialist and celebrity makeup artist, Crystal Kassi, the London-based brand of botanical care for ethnic skin also has a range of products for the body, which, if the face products are anything to go by, I definitely cannot wait to try.  So here is my review of the Mini Trial Pack; 4 trial-sized bottles of the following products.

Step 1: Cleansing Milk.  Quite a thick texture.  It’s almost like putting a thick greek yogurt on your face.  In any event, it felt luxurious and I didn’t need a lot, so it will last a while.

Step 2: Sebum Balancing Facial Wash.  Again, I  didn’t need to use a lot of this.  It felt really nice on the skin, didn’t have much of a scent, but again it felt luxurious to use.  When I rinsed it off, my face felt really clean – probably the cleanest it’s felt in a long time, but without feeling tight or dry.

Step 3: Clarifying Toning Lotion.   If I’m honest, before putting this on my skin I was a little concerned thinking; “oh my goodness, I’ve just washed my face, it’s squeeky clean and when I put this toner on, it’s gonna burn like hellfire!” (my thoughts verbatim), but actually this product was simply amazing – hands down, my favourite step.  It had a lovely delicate fragrance and it felt so lovely on the skin.  I did not feel a single tingle (not even near my eyes!)  Amazingly, my face felt soft and supple afterwards – it was such a pleasant experience just using the tonic.  I felt as though I could be using any of the big prestigious/luxury brands because it was such high quality.

Step 4: Sebum Balancing Moisturiser.  The texture was a pleasant surprise for me.  It’s almost like a rich mousse; it had a bubbly/whipped texture.  A little goes a long way again, so it’s good value for money.  After use my skin felt moisturised, not dry and my face did not in any way shape or form look shiny or oily.  My face just looked clean with a natural, healthy glow.

THE VERDICT: I could certainly tell the difference after using all 4 steps.  My first thought was “so haven’t I been washing my face all my life?”  My face looked so clean and clear using this range, I felt that whatever I was washing my face with before wasn’t really washing my face.  For the first time in my life, my face looked like it was the same shade as the rest of my body!  Honestly, this stuff is amazing!  If you’re running out of your existing skincare, I say give the starter pack a try – you’ve pretty much got nothing to loose and amazing skin to gain!

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