The Big Chop: A shorter hairstyle


There’s a trend that seems to be all the rage with us mothers; “the big chop”, or, in the case of Ms Halle Berry, the “little” chop.1427145534-scarlett-johansson-pixie-cut-xln1427145592-jessica-simpson-hair-transformation-xln

Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Simpson have done it too and I, although not a ‘follower’, am considering doing the same thing.  I feel it’s time for a change.  I want a clean, fresh new hairstyle and I think a reduction in length is the way to go.  It is slightly annoying because may hair is growing really nicely and I’d like to keep the length, but in reality I think it’s got to go.  Keep posted for news on the new hairstyle…!!









Image Credits: Good Housekeeping

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