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Okay, so today I wanted to share my review of the Philip Kingsley Re-Moisturising Shampoo and Philip Kingsley Moisture Extreme Conditioner.   When I read the names of the products I was really excited because I thought “yay, my hair is going to be re-moisturised!”  I have only ever used one Philip Kingsley product before and that was their famous Elasticizer.  I was suitably impressed with that, so had high hopes for this shampoo and conditioner combo.

I have to preface this review by saying that currently, my hair is not just an ordinary head of hair.  I have over 6 months’ worth of re-growth and on top of that, the chemically treated part of my hair has the Phytospecific relaxer system in it.  This doesn’t make the hair dead-straight but it leaves some life, bounce and kink to the hair; which I prefer.


Philip Kingsley Re-Moisturizing Shampoo








The Shampoo Experience

When I saw the tube (75ml 2.5fl oz.) I thought I’d need the whole lot to wash my hair, but that wasn’t the case.  Actually, you get a lot of product in one squeeze, plus it lathers up the hair really quickly.  I washed my entire head with two handfuls of the shampoo.  It lathered well and smelled nice.  I think I was expecting something miraculous to happen, but nothing did.  I would describe the shampooing experience as ‘uneventful’, thus I was a little disappointed but figured all the action was going to happen with the conditioner.

Philip Kingsley Moisture Extreme Conditioner








The Conditioner Experience

In terms of application, the conditioner was a different story to the shampoo.  I needed quite a lot to cover the entire head of hair, the hole in the tube was tiny so I had to squeeze out quite a lot to coat the hair.   It conditioned well and my hair felt soft, but again it was ‘uneventful’.  I figured; maybe when my hair is dry then it’s going to feel amazing because this is Philip Kingsley and there has to be an amazing result at the end of it!  After rinsing and detangling my hair, I could tell that the products had strengthened the hair and in a way moisturised it; but not in the way I was expecting.  In fact, I suspect most African-Caribbean women’s understanding of ‘moisturised’ differs greatly to that of Caucasian women.  Most African-Caribbean women’s idea of hair being ‘moisturised’ is the hair feeling moisturised to the touch, with some evidence (i.e. residue). I think the fact that there was no product residue on the surface of the hair threw me off a little.

Noticeable Improvements

  • my hair feels stronger and moisturised from within
  • the difference between my regrowth and the relaxed hair is much less harsh/stark
  • my regrowth does not feel nearly as dry as before
  • my ends do not feel as dry as before
  • my hair was much easier to detangle/comb through after using this combo

My hair before












My hair afterwards










The Verdict

So, after being slightly underwhelmed by the uneventfulness of the experience, I have come to the conclusion that using these products is a bit like your mother telling you to eat your vegetables.  It’s something you need, something that’s good for you, but not necessarily something that makes you leap for joy.  The shampoo and conditioner combo appeared to provide everything my hair needs; strength, moisture, reduced breakage and it made detangling much easier.  It just didn’t give me that “just stepped out of a salon” feeling, but it’s probably giving my hair everything it needs and more.

Would I buy this again?

I probably would, but I need a few more washes to be certain.

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