Ok, so it’s time for my weekly rant and this week ‘I wish someone would….’  only this time I know who that someone is: Mr Philip Kingsley, Trichologist.  I wish his team would be more careful about the descriptions on their packaging.

Have a look at the image, the bottom category entitled “African-Caribbean” states:

“Most African-Caribbean hair feels very coarse in texture and includes those with extremely porous, tight curls and all variations of African-Caribbean, African and some Middle Eastern and Mediterranean hair types.  It is very hard to control and lacks smoothness and shine”.

Firstly, I would beg to differ that MOST African-Caribbean women have hair that “feels very coarse in texture”.  This is a sweeping generalisation and one I doubt is based upon any surveys or census of the entire population of people who would describe themselves as ‘African’ or ‘Caribbean’.

Secondly, to state that ALL VARIATIONS of African-Caribbean, African plus some, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean  hair types are very hard to control and lack smoothness and shine, is not accurate.  My natural regrowth hair is not hard to control and does not lack smoothness or shine; neither does my daughter’s.

I think to describe people’s hair by their ethnicity rather than their hair texture/type is unnecessary.  It would have been sufficient to describe ‘coarse’ or ‘tightly curled’ hair, maybe including a sentence to say that ‘some African-Caribbean women may fall into this category’.  Do you agree?

So that’s my rant.  What’s annoying you this week?




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